Delaware, Freight status and Covid-19
Posted by Trond JC on 16 March 2020 08:03 AM

We have moved to NEWARK DELAWARE, your US address is now in Delaware.

Our Warehouse in Newark Delaware is OPEN the warehouse in LINDEN NJ is out of operations please update all your sellers.

We opened 1 May, your new address is available online at your JetCarrier account. Please update your sellers and ship only to your new Delaware address and start saving 6.65% Sales Tax. 

If you send goods to Linden you risk that the goods will be lost.


We are working on securing airfreight and will update status as soon as we have more information from USA. We continue operations as normal and all incoming goods is registered and prepared for air or sea. Freight of goods is not restricted but we do expect delays. 

Batch information and current status is updated and on Facebook pages.


To minimise the risk for our employees and customers we have reduced hours for picking up parcels at warehouse in Halden ("hentekunder"), and that all customer support must be carried out per phone or through our help desk. 

It is not possible to visit our employees in their offices and all inquiries should go via the bell at the reception. The authorities recommend that everyone keep 2 meter distance.