CITES, musikk instrument og diverse tresorter
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Det ser pr 29.8.2019 til å ha kommet nytt unntak for Musikk Instrument.


"Music to your ears: CITES CoP18 moves towards strengthened regulations for tropical trees, as well as cautions exemptions for rosewood musical instruments.
Geneva, 29 August 2019 - Tropical timber, particularly from rosewood trees, is one of the most valued wildlife commodities. The 18th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES CoP18), also known as the World Wildlife Conference, discussed a wide array of decisions and proposals to improve CITES regulations for these precious trees."

Les mer  her.


Mer informasjon finner du på miljødirektoratets nettsider, mer om musikkinstrument her.  Les mer om CITES på Wikipedia.


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