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How does this work (US version)
Posted by Trond JC, Last modified by on 13 January 2009 08:47 AM
This is how Jetcarrier shipping from the US works if you want to ship something to a customer of yours in Norway, Sweden , or Denmark: (in short -you just ship to a US Jetcarrier shipping address provided by us(JetCarrier), you do not need to do any paperwork, just treat the shipment as a regular US customer shipment, JetCarrier takes care of the rest including export/import) Lets name your customer (Tore will be paying for the freight, and import taxes to Norway, you will only pay for your inland US delivery to our terminal in Linden NJ 07036 ): Your customer has to register himself as a customer at with his shipping address, e-mail, and tel. (this is for free). He then gets his personal US shipping address from us, containing his suite #: JetCarrier ### Att Tore Lastname 601 W Linden Ave Suite ##### Linden NJ 07036 Tore will make a Booking for a AIR or SEA shipment on his webaccount with you as the sender (in this case he would choose SEA) and provides you with his address, -you ship the engine labled with this address in the US. Tore will be able to track (on the web) when your package is recieved at his US adress(JetCarrier) and when we forward it to him in Norway. Tore will get a bill for the shipping cost according to our pricelist, and also a bill for the import taxes (25% of the sales bill, that Tore has entered in his freight booking) This is the link to the price list where he also can use a calculator to enter the dimensions and weight to get the price
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